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    About Us    

At Snapt we are Industry Leaders in customised imaging solutions within the Tourism Sector for World Class tourism attractions and iconic destinations. We have used photography as a branding and marketing mechanism to achieve a 48 000% growth in revenue in less than 10 years.

Our Partner Company, Happy Snappy, offer a wide range of storybook products and digital options, delivered in real time to customers, all powered by cutting edge technology platforms. We are leaders in helping guests capture, create and share their experiences at attractions nationwide, engaging with 7 Million guests per annum, sharing over 30 Million memories per year.

During this time we have seen that many attractions that would benefit from a photo system have been unable to do so due to factors such as, lower foot traffic, lack of technical know-how and the often prohibitive cost of setting up such a system. Out of this Snapt was born, photo system software for attractions of any size.

Meet the Team
Barry Cooper
Owner & Founder
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James Cussen
Owner & Founder
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Jonny Gardner
Head of Operations
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Marc Thomas
Head of Accounts
Why Snapt

   What is Snapt?   

Snapt Software allows you to run your own souvenir photo system for your business. Whether you are an attraction, family entertainment centre, museum, tour company, hotel, resort or just hosting an event... Snapt will work for you!

There is no need to spend money on expensive cameras and other infrastructure. All you need is existing hardware, such as a Smart Phone or Tablet.

Once you have have created your branded photo templates, set up any call to actions you may want to implement, and have printed your photo passes, all created via our online platform you are ready to go!


Your photographers can use any smart device to scan photo passes and take photos of your guests.

Which are then available for your guests to access in their own private gallery and to download and share with family and friends via social networks

The Snapt online platform allows you to monitor your whole campaign. You are able to see in real time the photos being captured as well as who is capturing them. As well as a view a comprehensive dashboard with all the analytics you need around the performance of your photo system.

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How does Snapt work?
Examples of the Snapt Online Platform

    Why Use Snapt?   

Why Use Snapt
Increase your Marketing Reach

Providing your guests with an awesome branded souvenir photo, urges them to share their experience and gives your brand a global reach. You can also drive this performance higher with our built in Data Collection and Opt in Call to Action where your guests can win a prize.

Increase your Spend per Head

Whether you sell Photo Passes, a physical Photo Product or Sell photos online, the Snapt systems provide a proven low risk strategy to immediately unlock New Revenue Streams and grow your bottom line.

Save Money by Using Existing

With Snapt there is no requirement to purchase expensive cameras and printers.

Our software will work on your existing hardware. Snapt works on either a Smart Phone or Tablet. *SLR cameras can be used if required.

Enhance Your Guest Experience

Utilising the latest technology (Including Greenscreen), you will be able to deliver awesome photos of your guests directly to their devices using a unique photo pass. Enabling them to immediately share their experience with family and friends

All you pay for are the QR Codes

You don't pay any subscription fees or commissions. You only pay for the QR codes you require, which are all unique and generated by our online platform.

Snapt has more than a 95% Customer Engagement Level



How does snapt work

    How does Snapt Work ?    

   Our Clients  

Our Clients


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